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first post - XC road trip

hello everyone.. my name is rachael. born and raised in rural southeastern pennsylvania, i have decided to temporarily relocate to the san francisco area this december. i am relatively familiar with the bay area, as i spent much of this past summer there. besides the fact that i am moving to CALIFORNIA - the next most exciting thing about this trip is GETTING THERE. i will be needing my car, of course, and so i am planning a cross country road trip. i want to hit EVERYTHING. i have done a lot of traveling in the past, and although i do want to visit some national parks and major cities along the way that i havent yet seen, my mission is to NOT be the typical tourist. i am more interested in seeing "smalltown, america" than i am taking one straight route west along the interstates. i want to do this RIGHT. i'm in no rush to get to california, and accordingly, i'm planning on zigzagging all over the country - i want to see things in south dakota, maine, texas, arizona, and montana.. and everywhere in between.

i've been to 38 states. two of which (nebraska and wyoming), i admitably slept through. the other 36 i have gotten a legitimate taste of, although there are so many things in each state i havent seen. basically where i'm going with this is - does anyone have any advice for my cross country road trip? has anyone else done it? anything i could learn from your experience? or any reccomendations as to any sites i should see, places i should stop, or random things i should check out in your home state, or something that you would suggest seeing from your travels? i'm down for anything that would include a national park, a spectacular view, any inspirational landscape, a restaurant characteristic of the area, or something absolutely ridiculous - the worlds largest frying pan, for instance. i have always wanted to travel the world, but lately i've been realizing that there is so much to see RIGHT HERE in america. and i want to do it all. oh and i'll be beginning this adventure in december, and i expect that it will go well into january. weather considerations would be appreciated. i know all too well about snow and ice on the road. :\

thank you SO much for all of your help. if anyone ever needs to know anything about the amish country or philadelphia.... you just let me know.
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