sara (frayedges) wrote in roadtrips,

planning a road trip

So my friend and I have three weeks off in August and are thinking of doing a road trip- we live in Los Angeles, and want to go up through Oregon and Washington to Vancouver, then over to Chicago, then home in a Colorado/Vegas sort of direction. I'm thinking we'd like to have two full days in Vancouver and Chicago, if possible, and at least partial days to hang out in some major cities along the way. We definitely want to visit Yellowstone, as well.

-Does this seem doable, given the time frame?
-Assuming we will be mostly camping and staying at friends' houses, any ideas about how much might this cost? The car we'll be taking is a new Honda, so it'll be pretty gas efficient, but I expect that will still be the most expensive part.
-Any suggestions for where to go along the way? We have ideas of our own, of course, but recommendations are welcome.

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