subsane0 (subsane0) wrote in roadtrips,

Movin' up to bay area... need travelin' advice

I quit the high-paying job yet unsatisfying job to take a new crappier position up north in the Bay area of California. Fortunately I quit this one before securing a new one, and having not taken a vacation in years I'll be takin' time to get to know CA a little better, at least what's between L.A. and the Bay. I won't be moving permanently yet, so I'll likely be driving up to SF twice; once to visit and get to know the area, the second time to move.

So what is there to see? City life, clubs, and all that jazz are old news for me, and I'm looking for more of everything else that CA has to offer. Past road trips up north have been through the middle of the state (fields galore) and not beyond Salinas or Fresno, which as many can attest to makes for kinda scenic but ultimately boring drives.

Any good ghost towns, sights, towns, natural wonders that would make for good stops and photo ops? I'll be planning around visiting relatives and friends along the way, but time's no limit and zig zagging wouldn't be so bad.
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