flrtngwdisaster (flrtngwdisaster) wrote in roadtrips,

New York to California

My boyfriend and I are planing to travel from New York to California in May or June. Where should we stop along the way? What roads are best to take? How can we save money (where to camp, cheap motels)? I'd love to hear your stories, experiences, tips, or advice about this coast to coast road trip. Also, we'll be driving our own car and have no time limitations.

Edited to add...

I'd love to see all the natural wonders along the way (Grand Canyon, deserts, waterfalls, mountains, etc). Instead of driving straight across in a limited time, we'll be stopping along the way, hopefully to camp and hike. We have anywhere from a week to a month for our trip.

Oh, and we're planning on traveling in the southern states on the way there and on our return home driving through the northern states. We won't be so much on the outside of the US, mostly on the inner parts. If that makes sense.
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